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Noida Extension: Rising from the Ashes - November 2012

Uptill last year, Noida Extension had emerged as an excellent alternative to Noida - especially for people who wanted to stay close to Noida and could not afford the high prices in Noida.

However, the dispute over the past 1 year had made home buyers and investors lose confidence in the Noida Extension story. Many investors had withdrawn their money from properties in Noida Extension and many others had their money stuck.

Starting November 2012, the land dispute has has got resolved and the market for Noida Extension has opened up again with construction resuming and home loans in Noida extension being disbursed again.

The following developments have taken place: 1. Builders have been issued letters by the Greater Noida authority to resume construction.

2. These builders have tied up with banks who have now started disbursing home loans in noida extension for end users to buy properties. From being an area which had no future, starting November 2012, it is touted as the next big thing in real estate from an investment point of view, along with Dwarka Expressway. This is primarily due to 4 reasons:

1. Lower prices compared to Noida: Prices in Noida are hovering around 5000 Rs/per sq ft. In Noida Extension, prices are significantly lower - quoting at around 3000 Rs/sqft, making it possible for someone to purchase a typical 2BHK (1200 sqft) for about Rs 35 lakhs.

2. Presence of Reputed Builders: Many reputed builders such as Supertech, Rudra Group etc. have launched properties in Noida Extension along with tie-ups with banks to take a home loan to purchase these.

3. Home Loan Funding by banks: Home loans in Noida Extension are easy to get now on most properties as major banks such as HDFC, ICICI, SBI have started disbursing home loans for properties in Noida Extension.

4. Huge Opportunity for Investment Appreciation: Noida Extension properties have already risen from 2500 Rs/sqft to 3000 Rs/sqft over the Aug-Nov 2012 period - a return of 20% over 3 months. The rates are expected to rise further to 4000 Rs/sq ft. by mid 2013.

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