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Noida vs Gurgaon: The battle of the Suburbs - Who will win?

Both Gurgaon and Noida have come up recently as prominent suburbs. With companies setting up offices in these, people have migrated to Noida and Gurgaon in large numbers. Easy availability of home loans in Noida and Gurgaon has made it easier for people to buy properties.

Given below is a comparison on various fronts:

1. Branding: Gurgaon has emerged as a better brand than Noida, primarily because of the image that affluent people stay in Gurgaon, versus Noida is a home more for the middle class. The primary reason for this is the creation of certain pockets in Gurgaon such as Golf course road, M G Road, Sushant Lok etc. where prices of properties are higher than most areas in Delhi.

2. Infrastructure: This is an area where Noida scores a big win over Gurgaon. In Noida, the sectors are well planned, whereas in Gurgaon, buildings have come up in an adhoc manner. In Gurgaon, the sewage main lines are missing in most localities, especially in the new Gurgaon sectors where sewage is dumped in vacant plots. The Haryana Urban Development Authority has adopted the Greater Noida model in developing the newer sectors, with private companies constructing and maintaining the infrastructure.

3. Affordability: Buying a home in Noida is a much easier proposition compared to Gurgaon, given that prices in Noida are about 60-65% that of Gurgaon. Buying a property after taking a home loan in Noida is a common option, given that a standard 2BHK will cost you somewhere around 50 lacs or so, something which most people with a decent income can afford. On the other hand, a similar property in Gurgaon will cost almost a crore, and one can purchase if one has loads of black money. The primary reason why property prices in Gurgaon are higher than in Noida, is because of the inverted demand supply equation - Noida supplies six times more properties than Noida, with demand in Gurgaon being higher.

4. Hanging Out: Gurgaon has many more malls and places to hang out than Noida. In Noida, the hang out areas are in and around sector 18, but in Gurgaon areas to hang out are all across - MG Road, Ambience island, Cybercity etc.

5. Future: Town planners of both cities are making efforts to make these cities better in every possible way - infrastructure, security, basic amenities etc. Gurgaon is coming up with a rapid metro rail system to boost connectivity, whereas Noida already as the F1 track up its sleeve. If Gurgaon has Dwarka Expressway, Noida has Noida extension which will act as future areas of growth. Right now, Gurgaon has taken a lead, but Noida is fast catching up.

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