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Personal Loans

Loan on credit card

Loan on credit card is a recent financial innovation. It is essentially a personal loan, the only
difference from a normal personal loan being that it is taken on the credit card limit.

For that, one must have a credit card with the bank that is issuing the loan.
The primary advantage of this over a personal loan is that almost no documentation is required.
It can be issued in a few hours as compared to a few days for a normal personal loan.

Note that the credit limit of the card can be reduced by the bank by an amount equal to the amount of the
personal loan(though not always). For example, if the credit card limit is 4 lakhs and the loan on the credit card is taken
for an amount for 2 lakhs, then the usable credit card limit is (4-2) = 2 lakhs.

It is advisable to check with your bank on various features though, before taking the loan.


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    Mr. Anil Says

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