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Why your relationship manager may not always recommend you the best product?

Relationship managers are thought of as people who help you do your financial planning, in accordance with your needs and goals. They are supposed to suggest you the right product. However, these people are incentivised to sell products by the bank they work in as that is how the bank makes money from customers. And the amount of incentive may not be the same for all products. Therefore, they might not offer you those products for which the incentives are high but may not be the right product for you, versus the product which might be right for you but for which the incentive is less.

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  • Mr. Anil Says

    Mr. Anil Says

    I was amazed by the quality of service offered by I was given a prompt call and made to understand the best options for my home loan. After my loan application, I was regularly updated by the team, resulting in a seamless home loan processing for me.

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    Mrs. Soni Goyal says

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