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Health Insurance

How to take health insurance with pre-existing diseases?

In today's life, especially in cities, there are a lot of diseases that people have.
Diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems etc. have become fairly common.

When someone with one of these disease wants to take up a health insurance, most insurance companies did not insure health. However, in recent times, some companies have started insuring health for people with pre-existing diseases. There are certain constraints though: the premiums are much higher, there are certain riders such as minimum period of 90 days between repeat hospitalizations(some companies have it) etc.

Things to keep in mind while insuring your heath:

1. Age lower than 60: Take your health insurance before the age of 60: After the age of 60, no health insurance company will insure your health.

2. Full disclosure: Disclose all pre-existing illnesses. Hiding information will lead to repudiation of claims, if the
company later finds out that there were certain diseases that were not diclosed at the time of taking the policy.

3. Availablity of Cashless treatment: Ensure that there are some good hospitals close to you where cashless treatment
is available. This will ensure that you do not have to worry about money when you or loved ones need treatment.


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  • Tip of the month!

    Tip of the month!

    When you take up a health insurance, dont forget to read the fine print carefully. Essentially, need to check whether there are riders such as :

    a) Exclusion of coverage of certain illnesses
    b) Coverage of day care procedures(less than 24 hours hospital stay)
    c) Upper limits on things like room rentals etc.

    It should be ok to pay a small amount extra for some additional features, provided it makes it convenient for you and your loved ones in case someone is ill in your family.

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