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Health Insurance

Why health insurance is like wealth insurance?

Ajay Sharma, like many of us, did not take any health insurance. He was in his early 30s and thought that "Health insurance is for old people, not me.
I will need it at the age of 60, then I will take it". Unfortunately, that was not to be. Disaster struck very early when at 34, he was diagnosed with a blockage in the heart. Along with the mental stress of dealing with a health problem, he took a hit in terms of finances.
Not only were his personal savings wiped out, but he had to take a loan of 1 lac to pay for his medical expenses. Had he taken up health insurance, he would have also insured his wealth.


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  • Tip of the month!

    Tip of the month!

    When you take up a health insurance, dont forget to read the fine print carefully. Essentially, need to check whether there are riders such as :

    a) Exclusion of coverage of certain illnesses
    b) Coverage of day care procedures(less than 24 hours hospital stay)
    c) Upper limits on things like room rentals etc.

    It should be ok to pay a small amount extra for some additional features, provided it makes it convenient for you and your loved ones in case someone is ill in your family.

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  • Mr. Anil Says

    Mr. Anil Says

    I was amazed by the quality of service offered by I was given a prompt call and made to understand the best options for my home loan. After my loan application, I was regularly updated by the team, resulting in a seamless home loan processing for me.

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    Mrs. Soni Goyal says helped me take up a health insurance for me and my husband. There was no focus on selling products, but instead identifying my needs and the finding the right health insurance plan for me. Thankyou,!